Ramon Tort (L’Arboç, Catalonia 1975)

Director, screenwriter and producer. Since 2004 is professionally engaged to audiovisual direction, founding the divinoconcepto collective. His professional activity focuses on publicity and documentation of art processes. In 2006 decides to focus on making documentaries and starts personal projects with the aim of finding a personal communicative language. Towards the end of 2010 starts shooting A film about Kids and Music. Sant Andreu Jazz Band, after being amazed by this orchestra. In 2011 he began filming a documentary in two installments about the elasticity and the perception of time. Filmed in Morocco and US, both parts will be a sensory and organic journey through two culturally and geographically distant realities, the transhumance in the Eastern Atlas and the rural life in Texas, measured with the same look approach. 

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