He is the guru, the visionary, who has invested his time, effort, enthusiasm and energy, to make this project come to life. He is a professional musician and teacher with over 20 years of experience. He has recorded over 30 albums with some of the world most famous jazz musicians. He has done long international tours with bands such as Manhattan Transfer and musicians as Stevie Wonder, Tete Montoliu, Eladio Reinón…

He started the Sant Andreu Jazz Band project, as a combo school class at the Sant Andreu municipal music school (Barcelona, Spain) in 2006, with only 7 children, most of them his sax students.

In 2009, he decided to record a live CD/DVD album that became very successful and the project started turning into something more and more popular.


  1. Carl Lovelace

    For me, the most amazing discovery of 2018 !!!!

  2. DISCH Martial

    bravo,admiration sans limites…..continuez de nous inspirer,de nous donner confiance dans notre devoir de transmettre à des jeunes au potentiel qui ne demande qu’à s’épanouir…Martial D.

  3. Just remarkable jazz talent nurtured by a dedicated teacher. The children play with such composure it’s amazing their confidence and musical ear. Andrea Motis and Eva Fernandez have very bright futures ahead of them. How did they get so good so fast?

  4. Phil Matthews

    As an old retired Jazz musician, it gives me great pleasure to see the fantastic feel for Jazz, and the musical skill and joy these youngsters put into their playing. Joan Chamorro is an absolute genius. Well done Joan, keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing many more tracks from the S A J B on You Tube, and hope that soon I will be able to buy the film on DVD.

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