1. Daniel MacLellan

    Im a life time jazz drummer from the 50’s and now play with my Dixieland band here in Rhode Island. I grew up in and around music but I never could imagine hearin such young talented kids as they are by far. I would LOVE to have them play here some time like maybe the NewPort Jazz Festivile in August. If I had the finances to would bring them all here for sure. Sincerely yours Dan MacLellan -Drummer

  2. John Bird

    I love what Joan Chamorro is doing with these kids; the talent and commitment are amazing–as are the results.
    I would like to review your film on You can see my other reviews, and a bio, here: I have not been active on Rambles for a while due to other work, but am starting up again.
    If you would like to mail me a dvd, my address is: PO Box 1441, Lakefield, Ontario, Canada K0L 2H0.
    Thank you,
    John Bird

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